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SPORTS TEAMS Photos - Album #5.

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Bremerhaven, Germany

(1954) - Bremerhaven VOLLEYBALL TEAM

(Back) - Wood Hughes - 41st RSM, Don Lambert, Lew Wuensch, Jim Porter, Gary Smith - 41st RSM, Lew Peterson

(Front) - Bill Stahl - 41st RSM, Buzz Hundley, Louie Lane, Dale (Chops) McKrill, Jack Henderson - 41st RSM,
Coach Ed Luman

The 2nd RSM Team won the USAF European Volleyball Championship and headed to the States for
the USAF Championship. Not all 2nd RSM members could make the trip, so Coach Luman added 4
players from the 41st RSM in Bremerhaven. The 41st RSM Volleyball team had finished second in
Europe. The combined team went on to finish 3rd in the USAF Worldwide tourney in California.

(1964-65) - Bremerhaven Soccer Club
(Team made up of Air Force, Army, Navy)

1964-65 Bremerhaven Soccer Club

(Photos Courtesy of Joe Gould)

(1965) Soccer Match in Bremerhaven

Philipps Field

(1963) - Blue Devil Volleyball Team

Photo Courtesy of Bill Curry

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