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Brent "Huk" TRACY Photo Album
("A" 1958-61 Bremerhaven)

(1959) Brent "Huk" Tracy - 40+ Years Later Brent "Huk" Tracy Brent "Huk" Tracy

2004 Reunion - Washington, D.C.

"Huk" Tracy

Photo - Courtesy of Jim Reusch

Catherine and Brent "Huk" Tracy - Reunion Boat Cruise (2002)

Tracy in Alaska - (2009)

Dover, DE Down NASCAR Race - Sept. 22, 2002

(1st Row) - "Goke" Gauthier, his granddaughter Amanda and son Brent
(2nd Row) - Christy, "Twitch" Wimmer and "Huk" Tracy

"Huk" Tracy's Infamous Blue Opel


Huk Tracy and Dick Dumas by the Weser Road to the Staging Area

(1959) Mox Nix Party - Doerner, Hannon, Tracy, Johnston


(1960) Mox Nix Party

(1965) Huk Tracy at Larry Farr's college graduation Cliff Kallenbach and Huk Tracy Huk Tracy and Bob King


(1959) Carol and Larry Farr's Wedding - Bremerhaven Officer's Club

Deleware "Mini-Reunion" - September 2003
"Huk" Tracy's House - Newark, DE

Bryce McDonald, Fred "Twitch" Wimmer, Brent "Huk" Tracy

Mary Ann McDonald, Catherine Tracy  | Bryce, "Twitch", and "Huk"

 "Huk" and "Twitch"

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"Huk" and Catherine Tracy and "Twitch"

A Good Friend in Colorado

Gail E. Stuckey - (Bremerhaven - 1959-61)

Honored for his decades-long service with the
Denver Broncos Ticket Office, Gail was depicted
on this 1978 Orange Crush can. (Included in an
eBay Auction)

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