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Arlen Trapp Photo Album
 (Brmerhaven: 1955-62)

(2000) - Colorado Springs, CO. Reunion
6913th Appreciation Award Presentation to Arlen Trapp

Carl Roberts, Fred Wimmer, Arlen Trapp, Bob King

(2002) - 6913th Reunion - Ft. Mitchell, KY

A Few Words from Arlen Trapp!

Photo Courtesy of Don Hassenbein

Arlen Trapp  "C" (1955-61), Christa Abbott, Ron Fandrick "A" (1959-62)

6913th Reunion - Colorado Springs, CO (2000)

Arlen Trapp

6913th Reunion - Tyson's Corner, Virginia (2004)

Leon Walls, S/Sgt Don Hassenbein with Arlen Trapp

Arlen - "The Dog Trainer!"

Charka: "I'd rather be watching TV!"

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