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Ernest "Ernie" Barth  Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven - 1959-62)

Ernie Barth

Ernie, who now resides in Chili, WI,  is sharing the following pictures of 6913th Maintenance
Personnel he was stationed with in Bremerhaven from 1959 to 1962.

(1961) - "Relaxing in the Barracks!"

 Airman, Bob Coe

 Airman, Bob Schaefer reading a good book!

(1961) - Bremerhaven Maintenance Crew and Friends

Roger Pejka, Chet Sibilski, ___?, Dave Bishop, Bob Coe, Smith,
Frank DePeri, Richard Kortsch, Dennis Morse

Roger Pejka, ____?(WAC), Bob Schaefer, Frank DePeri,
(Army CounterIntelligence Corps)

Ted Neal, Ernie Barth, Chet Sibilski

Bob Coe  ""Hoisting another cool German Beer"

Richard Shepard - (With a 'black-eye' story to tell)

Dennis Morse (white shirt), Ted Neal (back), Chet Sibilski

Christmas Dinner at T/Sgt Warren M. Brown's House

T/Sgt Warren Brown (Field Maintenance Supervisor - at head of table), Brown's two sons,
Mrs. Brown, Roger Pejka, Ted Neal

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