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CHARLIE FLIGHT - Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven  - Charlie Trick)


This Webpage is dedicated to Charlie Flight one of the most active Tricks both in Bremerhaven and back home in the USA. Parties in Bremerhaven and Get-To-Gethers in the USA. Here you'll find some fun photos of the Charlie Flight "HUSTLERS" including their great parties and sports teams.

(We've collected several photos from the many other Webpages you'll find on this site, as well as some new ones, so you may see some duplicates along the way)

Charlie Flight is probably the only Trick that has it's own Webpage. Click Here:                     6913th CHARLIE FLIGHT WEBSITE

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"Home, away from home!"

B-58 HUSTLER Jet Bomber
(Slightly re-designed by Ron Lovern)

(1962) - Ron Lovern's Jacket

OK Charlie Flight "Hustlers" - Here's your chance for :Celebrity Status':

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(1957) - Charlie Trick Party

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