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Miles T. Conner Photo Album
(Bremerhaven  - 1951-54)

Miles T. Conner - (Chillicothe, OH)


Sgt. T.W. (Bill) Coleman  |  Miles T. Conner

(1954) - Don Cunningham |  Miles T. Conner

(1953) - by Old Danish Castle

Miles T. Conner

Marine Barracks - Bremerhaven

This is my 'Home Away from Home'!


Bremerhaven - Bgm-Smidt-Strasse

Blik auf Alt-Bremerhaven

U.S.N.S. General M. L. Hersey (T-API48)
(This is the ship Miles Conner came to Germany on.)


Gestmunder - Behind Bldg. 1

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Last revised: February 28, 2007

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