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6913th/41st RSM

Bill CURRY 41st RSM Photo Album #2.
("D" 1953-56 Bremerhaven)


Judy and Bill Curry

 Bill and Judy Curry  |  Superman - 'Man of Steel'

 Bill Curry

 Bill and Judy Curry

Bill and Sara Curry

Sara Curry's 35th Birthday!

Bill, Judy and Sara Curry

Florida - March, 2009
(Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks - Clearwater, FL) 

("Was that window background intentional or a surprise?"

Ben & Marlene Jameson, Judy & Bill Curry
"Bill was their best man in 1956 in Bremerhaven & claims he's still the best in 2009"

 Bill and Judy Curry

Jim Dorobiala, Ralph Jensen, Bob Hornbeck   |  Bill Walsh, Harry Welsh, Bob Bishop


Al LeBlanc, Bill Walsh, Ralph Jensen
Jerry Harwell, James Smith, Jesse Jennings, Chico Leverett, Ben Jameson

Check those 'Centerfolds'

Earl Rohland, Jerry Harwell   |   Tom Walters, Gerald Hemmen

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