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Bob Doherty Photo Album
(Bremerhaven  - 1955-57)

"Home, away from home!"

 U.S. Air Force Barracks - ( Former German Officer's Quarters)

(1956) - Bremerhaven Staging Area

Kendrick Buchanan, Bob Doherty

(1956) - Armed Forces Day Parade


            Billy Payne            |    Bucky Walters,  John Simms

Walter Atkinson Wedding

Bob Doherty, Dave Piper, Jim Swanson, Dick McGowen, Walter's Bride, Walter Atkinson, Barbara & Ron Smith

Barbara & Ron Smith, Barry McGee, Dave Piper, Bob Doherty

"Party Time!"

Dave Piper, Jim Adams, Kendrick Buchanan, Red Hensley, ____?, Bob Doherty, Fraulein, Barry McGee

James Adams, Bob Doherty

Elfi-Bar - Johnstrasse 6, Bremerhaven, Germany

Big & little Floorshow (17:00 till 6:00 in the morning)

USS General Patch

This is the ship that took several of us to Bremerhaven in 1955

German Training Ship

Photos Taken from Barracks

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