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Bob Guthery Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven 1952-55)

Bob Guthery

Bob Farlen, Bob Guthery, Dave Ferrera, Dave Jackson

(1953) - New Years at Fassberg

Fraulein, Nick Nykaza, Bob Guthery, Charles Nuxoll, Larry Goss, ___ Walker

 Jim Slack, Fraulein, Nick Nykaza, Papas' youngest, Charles Nuxoll, Fraulein, Bob Guthery,  

Jim Slack, Nick Nykaza, Sgt Tyson, Bob Guthery, Charles Nuxoll, Goss, Walker

Bob Guthery, Marion "Weav" Hunter

New Year's Eve Party!

  Paul Mandell  |  Bob Duby, Burnside, Bob Guthery

Ted Cox, Marion Hunter

Willy Ryan (d.), Ed Yuhas  | Charles Nuxoll

Wilbur Ryan (d.), ___?, ___?

Bill Findley, Don Curtis

Dave Brown with Helga

Chet Hamilton   |   Bob Duby

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