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Thomas M. "Tom" KATCHER Photo Album
(Bremerhaven - 1959-62)

(1961) 45 years later (2006)

(2003) - New York State ASA Hall of Fame
(ASA = Amateur Softball Association)

Tom Katcher (2nd from right), one of five inductees, was recognized for his service and dedication to the New York State ASA, which has over 3,000 adult teams and over 900 umpires. Tom has been an umpire since 1969. (See Bio Below!)

1960 Softball Champions

John Skurski, Dick Dumas, Bob Mort, Tom Katcher, Roberts, Bill Schmidt, Joe Newby, Gary Simmons, ___? ___?

1961 'Mox Nix'Party

"Rip" Riggan, Dan Reyna, Tom "Pear" Katcher, Ed Dwojakowsky (d.), Bill Wilson

Bob McAllister, "Rip" Riggan, Dan Reyna, Tom "Pear" Katcher, Ed Dwojakowsky (d.)

(2006) - At Doug's 70th Birthday Party - Fredericksburg, VA

Tom "Pear" Katcher, Doug Craig

"Do you remember the 'Radio City ROCKETTES' back in Bremerhaven?"

"Was this Fun, or what?"

(2006) - Doug's 70th Birthday Party

Ron Fandrick, Doug Craig, Tom Katcher

Tom Katcher Johnson City, N.Y.

∑ Tom started umpiring in 1969 and continues to do so today.

∑ Tom has earned a reputation as a top high school official and has officiated in 9 State High School Tournaments.

∑ He has also officiated in hundreds of New York State District and State Tournaments in addition to many Regional Tournaments.

∑ In his career Tom has officiated in 7 ASA National Tournaments and 2 Olympic Festival Tournaments.

∑ He was selected to umpire the plate in many Championship games. An outstanding accomplishment.

∑ He is the only current New York State Umpire who has umpired in both the Menís and Womenís Major Fast Pitch Tournaments.

∑ He is a Charter Member of the New York State Umpire Indicator Fraternity selected in 19

∑ He is also a Charter Member of the ASA National indicator Fraternity, selected in 1986.

∑ Tom was presented the Mid Atlantic George Wilson Memorial Umpire Award in 1986 as the Outstanding Official in the Mid Atlantic Region.

He was presented with the most prestigious award an umpire can receive with his induction into the International Softball Federation in 1995.





(1961) MoxNix Party at T/Sgt. Bill Nye's House

"Rip" Riggan, Tom "Pear" Katcher, Carl Antonik

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