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Martin "Marty" Schultheis Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven  - "B" - 1958-60)

40+ Years Later --->

(1959) - Marty Schultheis - (2006)

Marty Schultheis & his Kriegsmarine friends

Bremerhaven, Germany

Cobblestone Streets and Trolley Tracks

A "Tipsy Time" in Bremerhaven

German Bar Buddies

Stelldichein Bar

Bremerhaven Staging Area

The Quad

 A ship, beyond the dike, behind the Quad...

Marty leaving on a travel day!

Marty was a 'dittybopper' in the 6913th at Bremerhaven, Germany (1958-1960) on Baker Trick. He also served in the 6921st at Misawa, Japan (1956-1958)

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Last revised: January 30, 2007

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