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Metropol Hotel - (Bremerhaven, Germany)
Also known as:  "Club Tug Boat Inn" (1946-48)

(Photos and Information Courtesy of ULRICH MANHART.) - (Copy of his E-mail!)

The old wall painting below "Club Tug Boat Inn", US Soldier's Club (Hotel Metropol) 1946-1947

"Greetings from Bremerhaven from these friends:
Mr. Hans Hoheisel of "Rote M
Irmgart Frommer of "Metropol Hotel"
(Irmgart's daughter) - Hotel Manager.+

The Hotel Metropol, also known as "Club Tug Boat Inn" has been restored and will open again on November 10, 2005 at 6:00 PM.

Irmgart Frommer is inviting every Vet of Bremerhaven, remembering the old Metropol Hotel times to stay there for FREE.

 (1952-53) - "Metropol Hotel"

Air Force Staff Sergeant ________?

Photo Courtesy of Ulrich Manhart

 ____?, ____?, ____?, ____?, ____? And..........?

 (1953-54) - "Metropol Hotel"

"Happy New Year"  Party


Hans Frommer, ____?, Father Rudolf Frommer

PR - Card - Hotel Metropol


A Friendly MP

Walter ______?

ULRICH's Recent E-mail (October, 2005)

The Hotel Metropol, also known as "Club Tug Boat Inn" (1946-1948)
now is restored and it will open again on the 10th of November, 6 p.m..

Irmgart Frommer says, every Vet of Bremerhaven, remembering the
old Metropol Hotel times, can stay there for free. That´s no joke, it´s an invitation!

We really had a lot of work and we had to solve a lot of bigger or smaller
problems (why these special windows from Poland are coming 10 weeks to late...?).

But now we all feel so happy, taking something very positive of a glory past for
a better future in our little hometown (Yes, today I´m a little bit sentimental... but...
our motto at this work: "Got a pocketful of rainbows...!").

For some of us, this work was a little journey into our hometowns and our own history.
Sometimes I thought the door will open and some guys in uniforms will come inside
 for a "Schnitzel and a beer" like in the good old times...

I shall send you very much greetings from Mr. Hans Hoheisel of "Rote Mühle",
Irmgart Frommer of Metropol and her daughter Ute! She will manage the hotel know.

Two hours ago, I met Major Gabrielle M. Maddaloni of the 950th Transportation Co.
at the Carl Schurz Kaserne (Colorado-Street No. 22 - surely you know that adress...),
I gave her an invitation as the representative of the American Forces at Bremerhaven.

She was very pleased and she will come to the reopening celebration too.
I gave her your web-address of the 6913th, she was interested too see the site.

Next time, I will send you different pictures for your website, perhaps somebody will remain.

I will also send you pictures of wall-paintings of the "Club Tug Boat Inn".
We found these paintings (in the comic-style of the late fourties) beneath
the carpets at the wall when we removed them for a new painting.

If anybody knows, who these paintings made, please let me now!

While we opened the wooden bar, we found a lot of money in it, which felt inside
during all this time. 100 year old German money, but a lot of American money too.
We put it in again after restoring the bar.

Tomorrow we will start to put the pictures and memories on the walls.
Like an old MP-Armband. And photos of all the partys. Perhaps you can imagine
(we will send you pictures of the new Metropol, and next week we will create
a Metropol-Homepage).

If somebody likes to send some congratulations to Irmgart and Ute Frommer,
please use following address ;-):

Hotel Metropol
Ute Frommer-Mueller
Potsdamer Strasse 45
2 75 68 Bremerhaven / POE

I know they would be very very happy to get some mail from some of you, from
the United States. (It would be a great surprise !).

I hope you all feel very healthy and fine!

With best regards from "Bremerhaven/POE",

Ulrich Manhart

P.S.: In the late summer the "German Emigration Center Bremerhaven" opened,
a German opposite to Ellis Island.
English language on the website too!

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