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"No-Name"  Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven, Germany)


Several photos of people have been received without Identifications. or... Your Websmaster lost the photo ID's... "How can we remember 50 or more years ago?"

Anyway, we've numbered the photos in these albums, and will be adding photos periodically, so come back and visit often. If you recognize anyone, even yourself, please send me an E-mail with names and the number of the photo.  NOTE: Some of the photos have partial names or 'guesses'.  Fill in the blanks!

Thanks,  Ron Fandrick --

(Photos From a friend of Ben Jameson)

# 1. (Bride: ________?, ___ Schacht?, Barry_______?

# 3. _____?, _____?

# 4. _____?, _____?

# 5. ______________________

John & Hannelore (Lori) Anderson

# 7. ___________________________________

# 8. Karin Matthys, (Cousins from Bremerhaven)

# 9. ____?, Christa Abbottt, Hannelore (Lori) Anderson

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Last revised: November 12, 2011

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