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Roy "Doc" Schaefer Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven "D" - 1953-56) - (d.2000)

(1954) - "Doc" Schaefer

Bremerhaven Staging Area - "Home Away From Home"

Roy "Doc" Schaefer -  (Typical Bremerhaven 'home' room)

Three G.I.'s -- Traveling!

Gerry Booska, Ben Jameson, Charlie Schutte

Roy "Doc" Schaefer

Bennie Harmon, Doc Schaefer

Ski Trip - Garmisch, Germany (Bavarian Alps)

Ben Jameson, Gerry Booska, Charlie Schutte

Gerry Booska

Garmisch Ski Resort

"Not the 'Bunny' Slope!"

"Once-In-A-Lifetime FUN"

"How High Are We?" -- Sheer Beauty!

Garmisch, Germany -- Ski Resort

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Last revised: March 25, 2005

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