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Bill "Smitty" Smith Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven - 1958-60)


"Fun on our days off!"

N. Theilman, Bill "Smitty" Smith, D. Ridenour

Bill "Smitty" Smith, D. Roberts  |  D. Roberts, F. Young, D. Ridenour

Bill "Smitty" Smith, D. Roberts, D. Ridenour

Fun at Cuxhaven Beach!

R. Marketta, N. Theilman, B. Smith, D. Ridenour (on blanket)

B. Smith, D. Roberts

D. Ridenaur, B. Smith, D. Roberts, R. Marketta

N. Thielman

N. Thielman, B. Smith

Rosie, B. Smith

"Blue Bomb" owned by Roberts and  Smith

Coach Carnahan's Basketball Team

(Front) - F. Young, Z. Maddox, B. Smith, Coach Carnahan, Bob Jacobs, Dave Roberts
(Back) -
R. Selmeyer, H. Pelzer, Huk Tracy, G. Stuckey, Mel Johnson, Joe Newby

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