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Nick Thielman Photo Album
(Bremerhaven "D" 1957-60)


(2003) - St. Peter's Square, Rome

Bro. Nicholas Thielman, CSC
(Blessed Mother Teresa's Beatification)

After leaving Bremerhaven, Oct. 1960, Nick joined the Brothers of Holy Cross, a Religious Order with Headquarters in Austin, Texas (St. Edward's University) and the Mission Center at Notre Dame U. in Indiana on in 1961. He got his B.A. Degree at St. Edwards in 1964 and went on to the Catholic University of America in Wash. D.C. for his Masters.

In 1967 he was sent to one of the poorest countries of the world, East Pakistan (Bangladesh since 1971) where he now lives and is working to establish diverse programs to help the young people of Bangladesh. He is helping  children from poor families to get an education and to teach them job skills so they can make a better life for themselves and their families.

Narinda Tech and Trade School Project

Brother Nicholas, a missionary of the Holy Cross Brothers, has been in Bangladesh for thirty-three years. He is planning several new programs if he can secure the funding. These programs depend upon sponsorship and donations. For information about how you can help, please visit his Website at:

Tax deductible contributions may be sent to:
Bro. Nicholas Thielman, CSC
c/o Delroy or Jerry Thielman
103 Dorado Ave. SW
Avon, MN 56310

His benefactors have supported his many projects with underprivileged kids, including three Tailoring projects:

 Bro. Nicholas, Instructor in back, - recovering addicts taking tailoring lessons.

He has another project for training kids in the Technical line (carpentry, mechanics, lathe, welding etc.)

In the past 2 years he has founded two orphanages: one (Casa Anna) in Dhaka:

And one in Chittagong (Diang). The one in Dhaka is attached to a Technical School. He is currently the Director of the Brothers of Holy Cross Provincial House in Dhaka and Steward on the Brothers' Council. In February, 2004, the Holy Cross Missionaries will celebrate their 150th Anniversary of arrival in Bengal (Bangladesh, India).

Entrance to Casa Anna Orphanage

Casa Anna Orphanage

Casa Anna Orphanage

Casa Anna Orphanage



In 1990 Nick was inducted in to the St. Cloud Tech High School Athletic Hall of Fame, and in 1997 he received the Distinguished Alumni Award -- St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Nick was honored in 2003 by his brothers and friends of the Holy Cross Community in Austin, TX in celebration of  his 40th Anniversary of Religious Life.

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