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Interesting News Article from the "Stadt Bremerhaven"  6 . Juni 2004 Newspaper about a U.S. Army friend stationed at Bremerhaven in 1955, and re-visiting German friends in 2004.
Karl Heideck -
(U.S. Army Bremerhaven - 1955)

"Blutsbrüder für die Ewigkeit"

(Blood Brothers for Eternity)

The former US-GI Karl Heideck visits his old buddies in Bremerhaven - reminders of the past.

The US Citizen Karl Heideck could be one of multiple beams of light. The requirement for it would be, there must be a technical know-how to join all personal relations between Bremerhaven and the people all around the world by means of those beams. The world would gleam in bright light by those light beams and Karl Heideck would be one of them.

Almost half a century ago Karl Heideck had his first meeting with Bremerhaven. In 1955, at the age of 20 he came as a soldier into Bremerhaven. Today he revisited for the first time, to meet his old buddies again.

"It was a wonderful time then" he remembers. "Not like it is nowadays with the US soldiers in IRAQ," he stated. They are in the middle of a crucial war but in the old 50th in Bremerhaven his life was like a big party. "My time as a soldier in Bremerhaven was just fun" he said. His duties as a photographer in the harbor for the US soldiers wasn't that exhausting but he was always around, mostly in civilian clothes, and got to know a lot of people.

And when he had to take passport pictures even generals had been nice numbers to talk with. "They liked to know something about the feelings and thoughts of the lower ranks" Heideck said, "and I was just the right man for them." He also had good contacts with a group of citizens of Bremerhaven who had been the same age as he was in those days. The "Gang vom dicken End" as "Kalli" still remembers even though he doesn't speak any German.

Surprising Call

This "Gang vom dicken End" lived around the "Flötenkiel". Werner Mohr and Ernst "Migo" Peper participated and those two guys took care that Karl Heideck had a good program to visit Bremerhaven. "I was really surprised as his phone call arrived" said Ernst Peper, more than that as the person on the line talked to him in English and called him with the familiar "Migo". But instantly he was in the picture -- even though there was a gap of 47 years since their last meeting.

The group of young Bremerhaven citizens have had clear thoughts about their recreation - "Seebeck am Markt", the "Hafen-Stube" of Fritz Britzwein and the "Blinkturm-Klause" in der Wülbernstrasse." "There you could get the famous 'Hackepeter-Brötchen' with onions for 90 pennies" Peper said, and it was just what "Kalli" instantly started talking about during his first call when he announced his visit.

As those three friends met each other in a hotel in Bremerhaven having breakfast with a big bunch of pictures on the table.

      Ernst "Migo" Peper and Karl Heideck

Wiedersehen der Blutsbrüder: Ernst "Migo" Peper (links) und Karl Heideck lassen Erinnerungen aufleben und schauen sich Fotos aus der alten Zeit an.

Buddies of the gang like "Heinrich" and "die kleine Niedliche, different places downtown, events like an invitation for the German Christmas party in a really tiny German apartment -- all reminders just circled like lightning strokes.

And there is another thing Karl Heideck kept since those days: He pointed at a scar on his had. Blood relationship he performed those days with "Migo" Peper, and a little drunk he gave him a big deep cut with a piece of broken glass. "Like the Indians" he laughed. "Unbelievable."

MP in the neck

A good reminder is still the unpredictable checks by the MP which Heideck just could get rid of by quick escapes. Once he disappeared through the kitchen of the "Blinkturm-Klause" while "Migo" could keep the MP's attention by awful yelling and shouting. Also the "Canaris-Girls" of the kitchen of the "Weddewardener Kaserne" are still good reminders -- nicknamed after the mostly omniscient general of the former German espionage "Canaris", because the girls had knowledge about everything which took place on the ground.

Nowadays Heideck lives in Downingtown, PA. His 5 kids and grandkids still get a move on him, but the reminders in Bremerhaven are still visible and in his mind. "You do lots of silly things when you're young" he said, and doesn't give the impression he's unhappy.

He liked to visit the historical museum in Bremerhaven to research his German roots. But the most important thing was to get in mind again the memories, meeting other guys of the "Gang vom dicken End" and the return to the "ancient" places. "His two years in Bremerhaven are scrolling like a film" Werner Mohr stated. "Kalli has a perfect memory."

As said Karl Heideck would be one of the uncountable beams of light which could light the connections between people all around the world. As this phenomena isn't possible technical-wise the reminders have to be sufficient, and this source still is bubbling as the visit of Karl Heideck illustrated.


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