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Marty Wiseman Photo Album #1.
(Bremerhaven  - 1953-56)

 48+ Years Between
 These Pictures

Bremerhaven (1954)  -  USA (2002)

(1954)  - Port of Bremerhaven

 SS United States - Marty Wiseman

(1953) - Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi

(Front) - William Knowles (OH), Marty Wiseman (WV), Thomas Humphries (CA), David Gandy (AL),
             William Wyckoskas
(Instructor) (PA), Jim Golden (PA), Hubert Carignan (MA)
(Middle) - John Pishko (PA), Ronald Higgins (NY), Clynn Roberts (NV), Roy Schroeder (IA),
               William Dickerson
(IA), Ronald Joines (NC), Curtis Carson (PA)
(Back) - Charles Norris (MD), Bill Gatlin (MO), Stephen Wilson (OK), Gerald Shields (LA),
             Lavene Ransom (AR), David Wierbach (CA)

James "Pee Wee" Young, Elmer Swope - (Near Cuxhaven)

(1954) - Able Trick - "Mox Nix"

(Front) - Ken Schaeffer, Ottoway Butler III, Steve Smith, Elmer Swope, Conrad Pine
(Back) -
Coach Bill Kibler, Isadore Williams Bill Hadley, Loren Cassidy, Steve Wilson, Lyle Sunderman, Marty Wiseman

(1954) - Marine Barracks

Paul Vogel, Loren "Hopalong" Cassidy, Marty Wiseman - George Long (standing)

(1955) - Basketball Game at Radio City

Swope (#10) sinks winning basket for Mox Nix. Other players: Loren Carter (#33),  Bill Brown (#30), Marty Wiseman (#23)

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